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Updated: May 19, 2022

Meet REENA, a single mom and our firm's chef de cuisine.

She’s the sole breadwinner of her family, raising three daughters alone and with dignity. But life wasn’t always like this for Reena.

She made two bad choices in life– being born into poverty and being a female.

She was married off to an alcoholic man, and a family thirsty for dowry where all she could hope for was for time to make things better, but to her dismay, life went down a spiral.

Her husband would turn up drunk everyday, while her in-laws would confine her, deny access to food, harass her and at times even try to poison her.

While pregnant with her third daughter, she was starved to a point where she had to eat cement scraps of the ill ventilated room she was locked in.

She lost her husband to alcoholism, while delivering her third daughter. What an unfortunate event ! right? But that wasn’t it. The very same day, she was kicked out by her mother in law as she no longer was a part of the family.

No where else to go she went back to her mom’s place with her three daughter but there too she was kicked out because “what will people think

In a series of such unfortunate events, there was one thing that kept her going. FAITH.

And that FAITH brought our CEO (Suneli, lovingly known as “didi”) to Reena's life.

Suneli met Reena in a church, where she offered her a job in her company. Reena, being undereducated and with no prior skills, reluctantly took it.

Well since that day, Reena has always had a home where she’s raising her three daughters alone,

Providing them with education and opportunities she never got.

She has been diligently working for SALADI for almost a decade.

While life may seem difficult to most of us, Reena’s voice echoes with HOPE in our factory's corridors.

She is young. She is energetic. She is hard-working. She is loyal. She is fierce. She is empowered. And She is proud.

She is a part of SALADI.

SALADI celebrates her victories and has been with her since the day she met us.


PS- "Didi" in Hindi, means elder sister who loves and protects their siblings


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